Saturday, 20 May 2017

How unprepared new parents feel in the UK

New parents Unprepared for their New arrival as half New Mums admit they don't leave the house for more than three days in a row

  • New research reveals a third of new parents feel unprepared for having their baby
  • New parents in the UK list lack of sleep, post-delivery pain and lack of alone time as the worst things about having a new-born
  • Parents would sooner Google baby advice then seek help from a health professional
  • The UK’s biggest parenting event, The Baby Show, returns Friday 19th – Sunday 21st May

(17.05.17) Research undertaken by The Baby Show with MadeForMums, has revealed the extent to which new parents feel unprepared for their new arrivals, despite being a time where information and advice is more readily available than ever before.
third (32%) of parents said they didn’t feel prepared for having their baby once it had arrived with self-doubt being a constant theme for new mothers, with 18% of women confessing to an irrational fear of hurting their new baby. 
The impact with which a new arrival can affect the day-to-day lives of parents is well known – however it continues to surprise new parents. Chief amongst concerns is the age-old problem of a lack of sleep, which the research found to be the most difficult thing about having a new-born.
Chireal Shallow, Sleep Expert and Speaker at The Baby Show, offers this advice: “Think about your state; are you calm, relaxed and ready to charm your baby to sleep? Your baby picks up on your mood, your body language and your mental state so if you are feeling anxious or stressed, then so is your baby. In order to help your child, you first need to examine yourself and change how you feel and in turn, your baby will mirror your state.”

The difficulties that occur during the early months of raising a new-born can be overwhelming, however there is little doubt that it is all worth it! Witnessing the growth and development of a baby was found to be the number one best thing about having a baby. The unconditional love it offers - the second best and seeing a baby smile for the very first time the third!Milli Hill adds: “It’s undeniable that there are lots of ups and downs when you become a new parent but it’s so important to talk about how you’re feeling and ask for help if you need it.  New parents can be very tough on themselves, worrying if they are getting it ‘right’, but remember, if your baby is safe and loved, you are doing an amazing job. Our babies think we are wonderful – we sometimes need to learn to appreciate ourselves as much as they do!”
The research was undertaken in January 2017, based upon the feedback of 1,000 new mums and dads.
The Baby Show with MadeForMums will be taking place from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st May, at the NEC Birmingham.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The perfect Fathers day gift this year The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor


Deciding what to give your dad on Father’s Day can be difficult, so let Wilkinson Sword make the search for that perfect gift a smooth process. With the ultimate range of blade innovations to cater to every dad’s style, the Wilkinson Sword Hydro range helps minimize irritation, ensuring that your dad’s face will stay fully protected with each and every shave.

The Hydro 5 razor features pioneering gel pools, which last up to twice as long as a lube strip and deliver 40 per cent less friction than a lubrication strip*. 
*average vs. Quattro Titanium lubrication strip.

The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 also features a handy flip trimmer, alleviating the struggle to completely shave difficult areas of the face. With a simple flick of the thumb, the hydrating gel pools flip back to reveal five blades that provide precision, control and hydrates throughout each shave.  

If your dad is amongst the 71 per cent [1] of men with sensitive skin that requires a little more protection against irritation, gift him with the award-winning [2] Hydro 5 Sensitive razor – Wilkinson Sword first five-blade razor designed for sensitive skin. The gel pools, formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, help to soothe protect skin that is prone to being irritated.

So, if you’re stuck on what to give to your dad, why not show him some love this Father’s Day and treat him to the latest blade innovations from Wilkinson Sword.

I was sent one of Wilkinson swords Hydro 5 razors to review for my partner and we both agree it is one of the best razors he has used, there have been many razors that never seem to get close enough to his skin so they leave his face feeling rough and hairs growing back within a day having not been able to have a close shave. The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 has 5 ultra glide razor blades with skin guards preventing you from catching your nose when shaving. The Mr said compared to most shavers he has tried Wilkinson sword is by far the best one he has used as it shaves close to the skin with out irritating it or cutting him leaving him feeling sore. Having used his new Hydro 5 for the last few weeks it is still cutting perfectly and leaving his face feeling soft and smooth. 

The Wilkinson Sword Hydro range including the Hydro 5 (RRP: £10.99) and Hydro 5 Sensitive (RRP: £10.99) is available nationwide from high street retailers and supermarkets ready for Father’s Day.

Maped's new SuperHero paints #Review


For most mums, the idea of letting their kids loose with the paint fills them with fear. Fortunately, Maped, the go-to global stationery favourite, has come to the rescue with its new range of super-washable, Superhero paints.

Launched under Maped’s Color’Peps brand, the Superhero range has been specifically designed to give children the power to paint, whilst giving mums and dads peace of mind that their shirts will stay safe, thanks to the paints’ unique super-washable formula. 

The unique statin-free paint formula has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it offers perfect wash-ability on cotton at 30°, even after 24 hours, with no pre-wash required. 

Kids will love the range of character designs on each superhero-shaped bottle as well as the incredible choice of high-quality, vibrant colours. From primary and secondary colours, to cool metallic shades, there’s something for every young artist. The collection also includes a range of water colours housed in its own masked-crusader themed tray.

Color’Peps Superhero paints by Maped are available at all good stationers. 

We was sent a selection of Maped Superhero shaped paints toy review, Painting is something all my children love to do but I always try to put it off and get them to use felt pens or pencils as i find when ever they paint it doesn't just end up on their paper it ends up on them, their clothes and my table and floor and it doesn't always come clean. When ask if I would like to try Maped's new range of washable Superhero paints I thought "why not lets put them to the test". When they arrived the girls were extremely excited to get painting so up the table they went, checking out all the colours and imaging what they could paint with so many bright and cheerful colours. Katelyn aged 23 months decided to get messy and use her paint brush and her fingers. Davina decided she would use lots of bright colours and create a butterfly by folding a sheet of A4 paper and then adding blobs of paint the pressing it firmly together, once open she revealed her beautiful butterfly.  

We found Maped Superhero paints were excellent quality, bright and vibrant the girls creates some amazing pictures with them and did get a little bit messy but that was ok as it cleaned up pretty easy, once id finish clean up their mess there was not a drop of paint let in sight it defiantly does what it says and washes out of their clothes of their ands and even off my table which was completely covered .
Paints like Maped superhero makes us mums and dads lives much easier no more saying no to the children you can't paint today as I don't want you getting paint on your best clothes, the weight has been lifted and I now have peace at mind if the girls were to accidentally get paint on them it will wash out. 

We give Maped's Superhero Paints 5/5 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Super Geek Heroes #review

The SUPER GEEK HEROES are a unique group of super-kids... having fun in turn with a mission to learn! 

Their seven friendly ‘super-powers’ are derived from the three prime and four specific development areas of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. 

The development areas and resulting characters are:

By introducing "superhero characters" to represent learning and development areas within EYFS, children (and adults) interact more effectively when they understand and relate to their meaning. The use of fun animated 3D characters in this way make children’s learning and development cool, exciting and interesting right through their early years and beyond.

You can view here:  Super Geek Héros here

My girls love Super Geek Heroes especially my 6 year old Davina who is currently in year one at school and learning how to tell the time which is great as Super Geek Hero Millie maths helps you tell the time making learning more fun. Davinas and my youngest Katelyn both love watching children's learning videos on you tube they help with colours, number and their ABC so i think The Super Geek Heros will help to encourage children to watch and also learn a lot from them. We think its great they not only tell you words but also sound them out for you too which helps your children pronounce hard words easily like when they get taught phonics at school. Vicky Voice is also great my daughter Katleyn is almost two and watches a lot of learning programmes and takes it all on board shes very intelligent for her age, i think The Super Geek Heros will be something she continues to watch quite often and by the time she hits school she will already know her ABC and maybe even know the time. Katelyn can already sing while Nursery rhymes which i think programmes like The Super Geek Heros help children to become more advanced and defiantly recommend your children watching them.
We all want our children to learn in the class room as well as out side the class from, we all know children can constantly be glued to the television screen but i think if they watch something they will be achieving and developing knowledge from i cant complain. 
Would you love to find out more
Just subscribe here to the Super Geek Heroes YouTube channel!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Engie a car's diagnostic device and app #Review

Tired of being over charged on car repairs ? New app shakes up UK auto repair industry, reducing servicing stress and saving money for drivers

Meet Engine, Engine is a device which connects to the cars computer from underneath the dashboard to run live diagnostics, reporting back to your smartphone app with your vehicles ‘health check’. This super new cool app has launched today delivering an end-to-end solution to ongoing car maintenance and servicing issues, whilst creating a more transparent marketplace for car owners and mechanics. Designed to give peace of mind to the 7.7million UK drivers who feel vulnerable when they take their car to the auto repair shop, Engie’s Bluetooth device plugs into the car’s on-board computer and sends maintenance updates directly to a smartphone app. 
The easy to understand ‘health check’ contains data on everything from engine malfunctions, emission and fuel consumption to battery condition and maintenance information, arming drivers with essential information about any faults before they visit the mechanics.
Once a specific malfunction is detected, Engie will alert the best local repair shops who will assess the problem and submit independent quotes for the consumer to review in real time, saving drivers money and empowering them with knowledge and confidence when negotiating costs with a mechanic.
We was sent an Engie device to try out in our car which we have been testing for a few weeks now monitoring our cars health, all we had to do once it arrived was place it in our cars computer and download the Engie app on to our Android phone, you can also use IOS phones. After downloading the app we just needed to follow few steps about our cars make and model and away we went scanning our cars health.
We have had one fault show up on our car so far which our Engie device has detected and alerted us about which shows in the pictures below, not only does Engie tell you the fault with the car but it also tells you about the part thats at fault. engine also tells you about your car power and performance which is great if your like me and don't know much about cars. 
We love our new Engie its helped us out in the long run as we would never have known we had this problem which out a garage doing a diagnostic test on our car which may have cost us money, with Engie we can test our car our self then travel to a garage to have the faults fixed saving us money and time.
You purchase your very own Engie at an affordable price of £14.99 for Android users or £19.99 on iOS and connects easily under the dashboard of a car in less than 30 seconds. Car owners are never charged for the service which takes a percentage from the final cost charged by the mechanic.

The Engie app is available to download via the App Store and Google Play now. For further information visit


 Disclosure: We was sent an Engie device free in return for our 100% honest opinion 
     We give Engie 5/5